Bird Talk 21 January 2023 – Tata Medical Centre

On the 21st of January, 2023, one of our founding members, Dr.Kanad Baidya along with another member Mr Mainak Das held a talk about birds in the auditorium of the Tata Medical Centre, in Newtown, Rajarhat. Kanad had been invited by his senior, Dr.Bipradas Roy, a gastrointestinal oncologist. The target audience was the doctor community

Bird Talk – 18 July 2023 at Jalpaiguri SHH

After the overwhelming response received at the Bird talk arranged by the Students’ Health Home in collaboration with the Birdwatchers’ Society at Kolkata, the members of the SHH at Jalpaiguri expressed their eagerness to hold a similar event at Jalpaiguri. The event was held at the auditorium hall of the SHH at Jalpaiguri on the

Bird Talk – 5th June 2023 at Kolkata SHH

This year, SHH decided to inform, inspire and involve students, who are the base of our society, towards improving our deteriorating environment. Birdwatchers’ Society (BWS) also believes that the student brigade, the future of a healthy earth, needs to be informed about and involved in environmental activities by whichever means available and suitable for them.

Bird Migration in Indian Sub-Continent

Summary of Dr R Suresh Kumar’s Talk: Tracking the migration of species is a fascinating experience and this gets even more exciting when it involves those that literally travel across the globe. With advancements in space-based tracking technology incredible feats of migrating birds are now beginning to be revealed. And one such is the story