Bird Talk 21 January 2023 – Tata Medical Centre

On the 21st of January, 2023, one of our founding members, Dr.Kanad Baidya along with another member Mr Mainak Das held a talk about birds in the auditorium of the Tata Medical Centre, in Newtown, Rajarhat. Kanad had been invited by his senior, Dr.Bipradas Roy, a gastrointestinal oncologist. The target audience was the doctor community of the hospital along with their families. The lecture on 21st was to be followed by a bird walk by BWS on 22nd January in Newtown, Rajarhat.

The afternoon program started with a lively session anchored by Kanad and Mainak with an introduction to the unique bio- geography of West Bengal, stretching from the mountains to the sea. Thereafter the pair spoke of the important habitats in this area along with the birds unique to each habitat. The children were kept interested by sharing interesting stories and questions to pique their interest. The birds were brought to life by beautiful pictures and their sounds (playback supported by Mr. Priyam Chattopadhyay and Mrs. Pampa Mistri).

To know more about the program, read our Newsletter Fantail Vol2 Issue3 page 49