Bird Talk – 5th June 2023 at Kolkata SHH

This year, SHH decided to inform, inspire and involve students, who are the base of our society, towards improving our deteriorating environment. Birdwatchers’ Society (BWS) also believes that the student brigade, the future of a healthy earth, needs to be informed about and involved in environmental activities by whichever means available and suitable for them.
So BWS in collaboration with SHH decided to present a bird talk at SHH headquarter at AJC Bose Road, Kolkata, on World Environment Day, 5thJune 2023.

Members Sri Abhijit Das, Sri Santanu Manna, Dr.Kanad Baidya and I, Pampa Mistri represented BWS.

Sri Abhijit Das started the talk stating the importance and good impact of bird watching, how it helps us in knowing about surrounding nature and how the changes are influencing the environment. Dr.Kanad Baidya talked about the enormous biodiversity of West Bengal, and different types of habitats we find in West Bengal, which has enabled the state to record around 75% of bird species found in all of the Indian states!! Both Mr. Das and Dr. Baidya showed some nice images of birds, some of their habits, as well as some interesting behaviour observed in the avian world. Students, as well as other attendees, heavily enjoyed the bird calls played while showing the photos and how the bird names in Bengali are connected to their calls. It was a packed house and a highly interactive session.

To know more about the program, read our Newsletter Fantail Vol3 Issue1 page 61