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Welcome To Birdwatchers' Society

We are a group of keen birdwatchers. Our society has been formed to study, observe, record and archive all aspects of birds, especially in West Bengal. We would try to promote and encourage conservation of birds in their natural environment. We also wish to assist any individual or organization working on the conservation of birds and their habitat. In the future, the society plans to bring out publications and online journals related to ornithology. We are open to collaboration with others including corporate bodies, individuals, societies or any other organisations.

What We Do


BWS Newsletter. Vol 2 Issue#4 Released

“FANTAIL” Vol 2 Issue 4: Apr-Jun 2023
Cover Page With A Sneak-Peek Into The Issue !!

Featured Videos

Birds - A Pop-Up Book By Our Member, Supriyo Ghatak

“This is a video of my handmade pop-up book on birds. It has 7 pages and shows some interesting characteristics of some of the birds seen around my place. This is my first venture in making a pop-up book.” – Supriyo Ghatak

Bortibil - Illegal Bird Trade - Part 1

“On 10th Nov 2020 early morning members of HEAL and BWS along with the Forest Department conducted a sudden raid at Sahapur Bortibil and found many dead birds caught in the net. We got some alive birds also which were released immediately. Bird poaching and illegal bird trading become a nuisance for the environment and a serious issue for bird lovers.”

Bortibil - Illegal Bird Trade - Part 2

“On 15th Nov, 2020 early morning members of HEAL and BWS along with the Forest Department conducted a raid at Indrapur market near Bortibeel. No sellers were found at the market today. Seems like most of the birds were sold yesterday at the Saturday haat. After that, till late afternoon, we took down about 250-300 metres of bird netting at fairly inaccessible locations inside the Bortibeel. We also managed to rescue and release Pacific Golden Plovers, Drongos and Kingfishers from some of the nets. We took detailed interviews of locals for information while scouring for nets. Later when we were about to leave Bortibeel, our team apprehended one hunter with his kill. Forest department arrested the person immediately.”

Sighting News

Featured Blog

Bakkhali – 21st Nov 2020

Trip Report 21st Nov 2020: Arnab Raychoudhury and I visited Kalisthan Beach at low tide ( and Bakkhali Beach ( at high tide.

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শক্তিশালী পাখিরা

“দিকে দিকে পাখি পাতা, জাল নয়” জয় গোস্বামীর এই কবিতার লাইনটি সবসময় মনে পড়ে, যখন ভারতবর্ষে রেকর্ড হওয়া পাখির সংখ্যার দিকে তাকাই। ১২৫০টির মতন রেকর্ড

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পাখি দেখতে সিকিমের মানখিমে

  ছোট চারচাকার গাড়িটা যখন হোমস্টের সামনে নামিয়ে দিলো, তখন দুপুর প্রায় একটা, ম্লান একটা রোদের ভাব চারদিকে । রাস্তায় আসতে আসতে দেখছিলাম পাহাড়ের গায়ে

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