PENTAX and Birdwatchers’ Society announced a grand cooperation alliance. RICOH Group, of which PENTAX is a brand, recognising that society depends on the richness of the global environment and that the activities of the diverse living creatures that support that environment are diminishing, have established a Biodiversity Policy.


Bird Count India envisions a world in which key data and therebyknowledge needed to understand and conserve India’s birds are publicly available at the finest possible spatial and temporal scales

Human & Environment Alliance League is non-profit organization established as a charitable trust in January 2017. HEAL envisions a world where nature thrives, wildlife coexists with humans, and ecosystems remain resilient. HEAL stands for biodiversity conservation, mitigation of human animal conflict and enforcement of wildlife and environmental laws. Its current area of work is South Bengal.

HEAL’S Conservation Strategy includes – Awareness initiatives and conservation oriented workshops designed to educate people from different sections of society; Empowering and training local communities to take up and pursue conservation initiatives; Scientific studies to garner data which can be used as a basis for initiating environmental policy changes; Documentation and field investigation of wildlife and environmental crimes; Liaison with the enforcement agencies for implementation of the law; Initiation of public interest litigation (PILs) to seek implementation of environmental and wildlife laws; and Engagement with government agencies and policy makers to ensure that they give due priority to environment and wildlife while formulating practices.

Nature Mates aspires to develop an understanding of nature from all aspects and plan issue-based activities to develop a safe and healthy haven for humans and non-humans to co-exist with mutual respect.

Disappearing Dialogues (DD) is a collaboration of minds, passions, artistic spaces whose purpose is to add value and assist the preservation of existing heritage, culture and environment of regions which are slowly, but surely, disintegrating. Community engagements involving locals help us to document and disseminate knowledge to a wider audience through exhibitions and interactions in public spaces

BAN Foundation – Bonding with Animals & Nature, is an NGO working for holistic conservation of wildlife and promoting harmonious coexistence of all the elements of nature.