About Us

Birdwatchers’ Society

We are a group of keen birdwatchers. Our society has been formed to study, observe, record and archive all aspects of birds, especially in West Bengal. After all birds are the harbinger of a healthy habitat which in turn is an indicator of environmental well-being. We thrive to promote the science of bird watching as a recreational sport which in turn contributes significantly in citizen science efforts. We try to promote and encourage conservation of birds in their natural environment. The society conducts regular birding activities and publishes an online quarterly newsletter ‘FANTAIL’- a community exercise to share the learnings, experiences, and anecdotes from the field. In the future, the society plans to undertake bird monitoring programs and publish journals related to ornithology.


We believe in teamwork and are keen to assist any individual or organization working on the conservation of birds and their habitat. The society firmly believes that partnership and cooperation is the only way to sustain and succeed. We are thus open to collaborate with others including corporate bodies, individuals, societies or any other organisations.

Donations provide vital financial support for conservation activities, funding projects that protect endangered species, restore habitats, educate communities, advocate for policy change, and respond to environmental emergencies, ensuring the preservation of biodiversity and sustainable management of ecosystems. The Birdwatchers’ Society seeks financial support and donations from conservation organizations, individuals and institutions. These donations enable conservation efforts to have a lasting impact and create a positive change in our natural world.