Purpose: “BARBET – Bws rARe Bird alErt iniTiative” – to Document rare birds sighted within West Bengal.
The need arose to document & archive rare birds/vagrants/escapees sighted in West Bengal for ready reference. While eBird, the citizen science initiative that maintains a global repository of all bird sightings, including the bird’s range, exists, extracting the requisite data is often time-consuming and takes immense effort. On the other hand, there are several social media groups (Whatsapp, Telegram, Meta, X) where the general public shares such news. However, to receive the alert, one must be a member of the respective group. Moreover, this data is not readily available for analysis or studies in the longer run.

At BWS, we have started recording this data in Excel sheets collected from various public sources to keep a lookout and plan future activities. In the future, we intend to take a more scientific approach to the automatic collection, storage and dissemination of a rare bird sighting database which can aid in the study/analysis/graphic presentation of the trend of rare bird sightings in WB. We plan to drive the entire initiative through our website and minimise data duplicity and other integrity issues.

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2022 Arrivals
1Western-crowened WarblerRS29-03-2022
2Upland PipitDarjeeling28-08-2022
3Rosy StarlingDiara, Hooghly01-09-2022
4Black-tailed GodwitRajarhat17-09-2022
5Red-necked PhalaropeBakhali17-09-2022
6Chestnut-winged CuckooHalishaharBawaliRS24-09-2022
7Red-breasted FlycatcherBartir Bel03-10-2022
8Rufous-chinned LaughingthrushMulkhara05-10-2022
9Ward's TrogonMulkhara05-10-2022
10Eurasian HobbyBakhaliBaruipur08-10-2022
11Rufous-necked SnowfinchMahananda WLS15-10-2022
12Pied WheatearBaruipur19-10-2022
13Mongolian Short-toed LarkBaruipur20-10-2022
14Long-legged BuzzardBazarsau, Murshidabad22-10-2022
15Lesser White-throatRS23-10-2022
16Blue-capped Rock ThrushRS23-10-2022
17Siberian Ruby-throatRajarhat23-10-2022
18Red-necked FalconBazarsau, Murshidabad25-10-2022
19Amur FalcunBaruipur25-10-2022
Legend: RS - Rabindra Sarovar; LCN- Location;
2022 Arrivals (contd)
20Malabar Pied HornbillJhargram25-10-2022
21Hume's Short-toed LarkBaruipur25-10-2022
22Little OwlNeora Valley26-10-2022
23Shaheen FalconBishnupur27-10-2022
24White-winged TurnBaruipur31-10-2022
25Siberian Blue RobinBuxa01-11-2022
26Asian StubtailBuxa01-11-2022
27Common RosefinchHalishahar02-11-2022
28Green-Crowned WarblerRS02-11-2022
29Ferruginous FlycatcherRS03-11-2022
30Red/Black-headed BuntingHalishahar04-11-2022
31Yellow-breasted BuntingBaruipurShibdaspurHalishahar05-11-2022
32Black StorkMayurakshi Riverbed, Suri05-11-2022
33Dark-sided FCRSBotanical Garden05-11-2022
34Slender-billed OrioleRajarhat05-11-2022
35Scaly ThrushRS05-11-2022
36Lesser CuckooRS06-11-2022
37Northern PintailBaruipur08-11-2022
38Grey-necked BuntingDarjeeling11-11-2022
39Pied AvocetDarjeeling12-11-2022
40White-fronted GooseGajoldoba12-11-2022
41Yellow-vented WarblerTeesta Grassland, Jalpaiguri13-11-2022
42Long-toed StintDiara, Hooghly14-11-2022
43Pallid HarrierSalboni, Medinipur14-11-2022
44Indian Spotted EagleShyamnagar15-11-2022
45Swinhoe's MinivetAmta15-11-2022
46Greater ScaupGajoldoba16-11-2022
47Lanceolated WarblerBaruipur16-11-2022
48Greylag GooseBaruipur16-11-2022
49Spotted RedshankDiara, Hooghly16-11-2022
50RuffDiara, Hooghly16-11-2022
51Tickell's Blue FlycatcherRS17-11-2022
52Small NiltavaRS18-11-2022
53Greater Spotted EagleBaruipur19-11-2022
54Little BuntingBaruipur20-11-2022
55White-tailed RobinRS21-11-2022
56Little BuntingDaira25-11-2022
57Rosy PipitDiara, Hooghly25-11-2022
59Spotted Bush WarblerBaruipur25-11-2022
60Hume's LarkDiguli26-11-2022
61Bonneli's EagleDiguli27-11-2022
62Brown Wood OwlKakrajhor28-11-2022
Legend: RS - Rabindra Sarovar; LCN- Location;
2023 Arrivals (Jan-March)
1Greater White-fronted GooseGajoldoba01 January 2023
2Pied AvocetHijli Beach, Meidinagar01 January 2023
3Red-necked Stint01 January 2023
4Long-toed StintNabadwip01, 07 January 2023
5Chestnut-eared BuntingBaruipur, 24 PGS (S)05 January 2023
6Black Redstart05 January 2023
7Blue Rockthrush06 January 2023
8Red-necked FalconBurnpur, Asansol06 January 2023
9Short-eared OwlBaruipur, 24 PGS (S)07 January 2023
10Fulvous-whistling Duck07 January 2023
11SmewGajoldoba07 January 2023
12Yellow-breasted BuntingKolaghat08 January 2023
13Broad-billed SandpiperHM
14Oriental Turtle DoveCKBS13 January 2023
15Orange-breasted Green Pigeon
16Falcated DuckPiyali14 January 2023
17Rosy StarlingFraserganj20 January 2023
18Common Starling20 January 2023
19Small NiltavaRS20 January 2023
20Grey-headed ParrotbillKalimpong, NB21 January 2023
21Greater ScaupGajoldoba21 January 2023
22Common Shelduck21 January 2023
239 Eared Grebe22 January 2023
24Chestnut-bellied RockthrushRamnagar Ghat, Murshidabad22 January 2023
25Common GoldeneyeGajoldoba22 January 2023
26White-naped WoodpeckerKakrajhor, Jhargram23 January 2023
27Siberian Blue RobinRongtong, NB23 January 2023
28Blue-breasted QuailBaruipur, 24 PGS (S)25 January 2023
29Rosy Pipit
30Little SpiderhunterCKBS28 January 2023
31Philippine ShrikeBaruipur, 24 PGS (S)29 January 2023
32Knob-billed DuckPurbasthali29 January 2023
33Indian NightjarGouripur, Murshidabad30 January 2023
34Hen HarrierHooghly01 February 2023
35Buffy Fish OwlDobanki, Sunderban05 February 2023
36White-capped BuntingBiharinath, Bankura05 February 2023
37Chestnut-capped BabblerKolaghat05 February 2023
38Tundra Bean GooseDwip Rajar Beel, Raiganj10 February 2023
39Eurasian WigeonPurbasthaliSantragachi Jheel10,11 February 2023
40Broad-billed SandpiperFraserganj11 February 2023
41Black-breasted ThrushAF, North Dinajpur12 February 2023
42White-browed BulbulMandarmani12 February 2023
43Eurasian OyestercatcherG Plot, Sunderban13 February 2023
44Indian Scops owlAF, North Dinajpur14 February 2023
45White-browed Fantail
46Brown-rumped MinivetGangarampur, South Dinajpur17 February 2023
47Mangrove PittaDobanki, Sundarban17 February 2023
48Scarlet-backed FlowerpeckerCKBS18 February 2023
49Red-breasted FlycatcherRS19 February 2023
50Northern PintailNalban Bheri25 February 2023
51Sirkeer MalkohaAamjhorna, Jhargram26 February 2023
52Malabar Pied Hornbill26 February 2023
53Indian Grey Hornbill26 February 2023
Legend: RS - Rabindra Sarovar; LCN- Location; NB - North Bengal; AF - Abdulghata Forest
2023 Arrivals - April-May-June
1Curlew SandpiperKamduni,Kharibari (6 nos. in Breedig plumage)Purushottampur, near Mandermani18 May 2023 04 June 2023
2Wedge-tailed Shearwater (Id not fully confirmed, except pelagic bird)Murshidabad Ganges19 June 2023
3Ruddy TurnstoneKargil Beach,Fraserganj18 June 2023
4Jungle PriniaDholburu Hills, Purulia09 June 2023
5Frigate BirdDigha mohona23 May 2023
6Hooded PittaParmadan Forest, Nadia11 May 2023
7Jacobin CuckooHaldia,Purba Medinipur27 May 2023
8Brown/Lesser NoddyBakkhali20 May 2023
9Little StintKamduni ,Kharibari (One in Breedig plumage)18 May 2023
10Spotted RedshankKamduni, Kharibari18 May 2023
11Amur FalconKolkataMeidinagar Beach18-April, 14 &17 May 2023
12Nordmann's GreenshankMeidinagar BeachApril 2023
13Scarlet-backed FlowerpeckerCKBS07 May 2023
14Eurasian HobbyDumdum(S), Kolkata29 April 2023
15Bay-backed ShrikeGauribas GTA12 April 2023
16Indian SkimmerNayachar, Katwa30 April 2023
17Black Vulture (Escapee)Murshidabad04 May 2023
18Lesser CuckooBazarsau, MurshidabadRS02, 03 May 2023
19Jerdon's BazaBerhampore, Murshidabad30 April 2023
20Chinese Pond HeronShibdaspur,WB25 April 2023
21Pied ThrushRS19 April 2023
22Yellow-vented WarblerGouripur, Bazarsau, Murshidabad25 April 2023
23Western Crowned WarblerRS02 April 2023
24Banded Bay CuckooGouripur, Bazarsau, Murshidabad19 April 2023
25Chestnut-winged CuckooRS01 April 2023
26Siberian RubythroatJaguli Grassland, NadiaRS01, 17 April 2023
27Indian Blue RobinRS (Continued view)Gouripur, Bazarsau, Murshidabad01 , 18 April 2023
28Indian PittaRS17 April 2023
29Thick-billed WarblerRS01 April 2023
30Pied ThrushGouripur, Bazarsau, Murshidabad16 April 2023
31Rusty-tailed FlycatcherRS13 April 2023
32Red KnotsKargil Beach, Fraserganj09 April 2023
33Red-necked PhalaropeKamarganti, 24 Pgs.(N)08 April 2023
34OspreyHaldia,Purba Medinipur11 April 2023
35Eurasian OystercatcherKargil Beach, Fraserganj09 April 2023
36Bar-tailed GodwitBakkhali Beach01 April 2023
37Tickell’s Leaf WarblerRS02 April 2023
38Grey-bellied CuckooSingur, Hoogly01 April 2023
39Oriental Turtle DoveAdina Deer Park, Malda01 April 2023
40Grey-headed LapwingJaguli Grassland, Nadia01 April 2023
41Temminck's StintEKWKamarganti Fisheries Section 1, 24 Pgs (N)-25 nos.02, 08 April 2023
42Grey-headed Fish-EagleAdina Deer Park, Malda02 April 2023
43Long-legged BuzzardMatigara, Kurseong Rd, Darjeelig02 April 2023
44Indian Grey HornbillDogachi Reserve Forest in Dakshin Dinajpur02 April 2023
45Brown-capped Pygmy Woodpecker (Indian Pygmy Woodpecker)Adina Deer Park, Malda02 April 2023
46Large CuckooshrikeJaguli Grassland, Nadia01 April 2023
47Lesser Racket-tailed DrongoRS02 April 2023
48Hair-crested Drongo (Hair-crested)Adina Deer Park, Malda02 April 2023
49Black RedstartJaguli Grassland, Nadia01 April 2023
50Siberian StonechatBankura02 April 2023
51Ruby-cheeked SunbirdParmadan Forest, Nadia02 April 2023
52GarganeyKharibari, 24 pgs(N)02 April 2023
53Pied AvocetKharibari, 24 pgs(N)Kamargranti Fisheries, 24 Pgs(N)02, 08 April 2023
54Pacific Golden-PloverKharibari, 24 pgs(N)02 April 2023
55Little StintKharibari, 24 pgs(N)Kamargranti Fisheries, 24 Pgs(N)-74 nos.02, 08 April 2023
56Indian Scops-Owl (Collared Scops-Owl)MaldaJaguli Grassland, Nadia02, 03 April 2023
57Chestnut-headed Bee-eaterKhisma Forest, Nadia02 April 2023
58Indian Paradise FlycatcherGaarampur, Malda02 April 2023
59Indian PeafowlGarh Jungle PUB, Paschim Bardhaman01 April 2023
60Little SwiftLatpanchar FRH04 April 2023
61Blue-throated Flycatcher (Notch-throated)RS02 April 2023
62Blue-throated Flycatcher (Blue-throated)RS02 April 2023
63Red-necked Stint (br)Henry Island, 24 pgs(S)02 April 2023
64Sykes's WarblerNew Town, 24 pgs(N)04 April 2023
65Common ShelduckKamarganti Fisheries Section 1, 24 Pgs (N)08 April 2023
66Thick-billed Green-PigeonRS07 April 2023
67RuffKamarganti Fisheries Section 1, 24 Pgs (N)08 April 2023
68Black-headed GullKamargranti Fisheries, 24 Pgs(N)08 April 2023
69Brown-headed GullKamargranti Fisheries, 24 Pgs(N)08 April 2023
70Hume's WarblerRS08 April 2023
71Common ChiffchaffBagnan--Rupnarayan River Front, Howrah08 April 2023
72Blood PheasantSingalila NP, Darjeeling30 April 2023
Legend: RS - Rabindra Sarovar; LCN- Location; NB - North Bengal; EKW - East Kolkata Wetland