Great Backyard Bird Count (India) 16 – 19 February, 2024

GBBC India
is the Indian implementation of the global Great Backyard Bird Count, which runs for 4 days every February. Indian birders have participated in the GBBC since the event went worldwide in 2013. The 2023 edition of GBBC engaged over 4,259 birders who uploaded over 53,000 checklists and recorded 1,072 species! Most importantly, it’s fun! But there is a serious aspect as well. These annual snapshots of bird populations help answer a variety of important questions, including how birds are distributed across the country, how they are affected by changes in habitat and weather, and whether populations and distributions might be changing from year to year. In addition, you can use the opportunity of this event to get others involved in birding, to reach out to the general public, or even to run a local or regional project!

Do birding for at least 15 min. from your backyard, terrace, roof, veranda, office, etc and submit the checklist at eBird. You can go to the nearest park, botanical garden, lake and hotspot for birding. Your little contribution will do great impact.

Do join the bird walk with Santanu Manna [BWS] during 16 to 19 Feb 2024. Students are encouraged and most welcome. We will use spotting scope and binocular during birding. Please contact Santanu Manna @ 8335826846, Email:

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