Bird walk 12th March 2023 – Central Park, Salt Lake

The park’s actual name is Banabitan Biodiversity Park, an urbanized park located at the centre of the Salt Lake area in Kolkata. It’s a natural habitat for many species of birds and butterflies. As per earlier records, roughly 60 odd bird species are resident, and quite a few migrant birds visit the park in winter and monsoon.

Birds are an essential biodiversity indicator because their population greatly varies with changing habitats.
BWS Bird-walks are becoming quite popular. Including children and their parents, overall 40 participants, including 14 BWS members, joined the bird-walk. A significant highlight of the day was the impromptu flash card quiz conducted on the spot.

Zeiss’s team collaborated in the event with their scopes and binoculars, helping the participants learn to use the equipment.
To know more about the program, read our Newsletter Fantail Vol2 Issue4 page 46

Photo credit: Mr. Navin Agarwal”

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