Walk by Sound- Bird Walk 7thMay 2023 at Botanical Garden

Ajit Ghatak, who became a BWS member after the walk, reports:

A day to cherish & remember for a long time thanks to the BIRDWATCHER’S SOCIETY !!!

The theme was to listen to the chirps & sound of the birds & thereafter spot them by name & origin. Thus it was named “WALK BY SOUND”.

As we moved well inside the gardens, away from the noise & hustle bustle of the city, we were wrapped up with the tweets & chirps of the birds.
Led by Mr. Sujan Chatterjee & Major Parihar & others of BWS team we were transported into a different world. With the high powered scope on tripods, we were very cordially shown the umpteen species of birds, as close a view like sitting across the table.

Mr. Chatterjee, an inborn avid naturalist, weaved amazing stories of the birds sighted, one after another, which left us in awe… also depicting its relationship with the flora & fauna.

Major Parihar, an ex-sniper of the Indian Army, was shooting one bird after another with his super-zoom scope & related the details, equally with the professionals & few amateurs within us, with amazing clarity.

This walk of 5kms around the Botanical Garden, imparted knowledge, aroused passion, & helped making friends with like-minded.

To know more about the program, read our Newsletter Fantail Vol3 Issue1 page 59