Banglar Pakhpakhali – Vol 1


The newly released book “Banglar Pakhpakhali”- (বাংলার পাখপাখালি) can be certainly considered as the “Bible of Bengal Birds”- because such a monumentous work on birds of West Bengal had never been created earlier. I am glad to share that about 15 of my bird images have been published in this book. Thanks to my dear friend Kanad (one of the four authors) for making me part of this grand work.

This lavishly-illustrated and enormous book consisting of more than 500 glossy pages- should be there in the collection of every birdwatcher and bird-photographer of Bengal, because in this marvelous book, each and every passerine bird of the state has been described in details.

It is the product of hard work and research on perching bird species that have been carried out for the last few years. After going through this well-illustrated birdbook, I have found that the authors have left no stone unturned to put emphasis on every perching bird thereby making it the ultimate birdbook of Bengal.

The second part of this book- (dealing with non-passerines) will be released within the next few years.

Why you should buy this book—

# Its literally an encyclopedia of perching birds of Bengal. All the perching bird species of the state (more than 400 species) have been described thoroughly- along with the identifying features of male, females, juveniles and even the breeding and non-breeding plumages. The excellent images will facilitate easy recognition in the field.

# The various bird habitats of West Bengal have been discussed thoroughly with lovely images. For instance- the Gangetic alluvial plains, the plateau regions of Birbhum and Bankura, the plains of north Bengal, the Sunderbans delta, the Alpine belt, etc.

# A detailed account of the history of birdwatching of Bengal is also given in this book.

# Maps and range of distribution of the species are clearly shown. The specific area where a particular bird species can be found is also mentioned in certain cases. The migratory routes of many species are stated. New records of birds that have been recently discovered in Bengal along with their images have been incorporated. For instance- the sighting of Grey Sibia in the Jhalong area of north Bengal and Red-throated Thrush in Neora Valley.

# The photos of various bird species are of high quality. Probably the best shots of the species have been selected for this book.

Moreover, the images of both of sexes of each species have been provided for quick identification- where sexual dimorphism exists.

# The migration of birds and the reasons behind such behaviour have been elucidated in an interesting manner.

# Topics like Leucism and Albinism among birds have also been explained.

I think this great book will surely be an asset for every birder of Bengal. The market price of the book is Rs.1500/- And in my honest opinion, its really worth the price.



A book on Birds of West Bengal in Bengali
by Kanad Baidya, Sandip Das, Shantanu Prasad and Kshounish Sankar Ray.

Published by: Forest Dwellers

Paperback 555 pages
ISBN-10 8193541103
ISBN-13 978-8193541104