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Bakkhali – 21st Nov 2020

Trip Report

21st Nov 2020: Arnab Raychoudhury and I visited Kalisthan Beach at low tide ( and Bakkhali Beach ( at high tide.

At Kalistan, with the low tides, knee-deep mudflats made it difficult to walk. Variety of waders were good. Incidentally no terns were sighted.

At Bakkhali, we were greeted by a sighting of a lifetime: A flock of about 1500-2000 Pallas’s Gulls ( non-breeding and breeding ) with some 1000 Brown headed Gulls ( non-breeding ) and a couple of Heughlin’s Gull ( non-breeding ). Plover flocks were good as high tide approached. Mixed flocks of Sanderling and Dunlin were observed. Incidentally, no terns were seen here too. Saw a lone Garganey fly over the sea.

Weather was partly cloudy and sunny.

Low tide at 7.05 am
High tide at 2.00 pm

List of Species - Kalisthan Beach - 21st Nov 2020

Common NameScientific NameS76477427Total
Spotted DoveStreptopelia chinensis2020
Greater CoucalCentropus sinensis11
Asian KoelEudynamys scolopaceus22
Asian Palm-SwiftCypsiurus balasiensis55
Black-bellied PloverPluvialis squatarola55
Pacific Golden-PloverPluvialis fulva44
Lesser Sand-PloverCharadrius mongolus4040
Kentish PloverCharadrius alexandrinus88
Little Ringed PloverCharadrius dubius44
WhimbrelNumenius phaeopus22
Eurasian CurlewNumenius arquata33
Ruddy TurnstoneArenaria interpres22
Curlew SandpiperCalidris ferruginea11
Temminck's StintCalidris temminckii44
SanderlingCalidris alba22
Terek SandpiperXenus cinereus33
Common SandpiperActitis hypoleucos22
Common GreenshankTringa nebularia11
Common RedshankTringa totanus77
Black-headed GullChroicocephalus ridibundusXX
Brown-headed GullChroicocephalus brunnicephalusXX
Asian OpenbillAnastomus oscitans1010
Little CormorantMicrocarbo niger11
Great EgretArdea alba11
Little EgretEgretta garzetta1010
Indian Pond-HeronArdeola grayii1010
Black-crowned Night-HeronNycticorax nycticorax11
ShikraAccipiter badius11
Common KingfisherAlcedo atthis22
White-throated KingfisherHalcyon smyrnensis55
Black-capped KingfisherHalcyon pileata11
Green Bee-eaterMerops orientalis22
Black DrongoDicrurus macrocercus22
Bronzed DrongoDicrurus aeneus11
Rufous TreepieDendrocitta vagabunda11
Large-billed CrowCorvus macrorhynchos1010
Red-vented BulbulPycnonotus cafer55
Red-whiskered BulbulPycnonotus jocosus22
Jungle BabblerTurdoides striata22
Common MynaAcridotheres tristis3030
Oriental Magpie-RobinCopsychus saularis22
Taiga FlycatcherFicedula albicilla11
House SparrowPasser domesticus55

List of Species - Bakkhali Beach - 21st Nov 2020

Common NameScientific NameS76525957Total
GarganeySpatula querquedula11
Asian Palm-SwiftCypsiurus balasiensis55
Black-bellied PloverPluvialis squatarola22
Pacific Golden-PloverPluvialis fulva88
Red-wattled LapwingVanellus indicus11
Lesser Sand-PloverCharadrius mongolus100100
Greater Sand-PloverCharadrius leschenaultii44
Kentish PloverCharadrius alexandrinus2020
WhimbrelNumenius phaeopus22
Ruddy TurnstoneArenaria interpres77
Curlew SandpiperCalidris ferruginea88
SanderlingCalidris alba2525
Terek SandpiperXenus cinereus22
Black-headed GullChroicocephalus ridibundus1010
Brown-headed GullChroicocephalus brunnicephalus10001000
Pallas's GullIchthyaetus ichthyaetus15001500
Lesser Black-backed Gull (Heuglin's)Larus fuscus heuglini22
White-throated KingfisherHalcyon smyrnensis11
Coppersmith BarbetPsilopogon haemacephalus44
Oriental Magpie-RobinCopsychus saularis33
Scaly-breasted MuniaLonchura punctulata22


  1. Priyam Chattopadhyay
  2. Arnab Raychoudhury
  3. Rounak Patra

Photo Courtesy

  1. Priyam Chattopadhyay
  2. Arnab Raychoudhury